See the Bifacial Effect from All Angles

Additional energy should exceed any added costs of construction and operations

Since single-axis trackers came to market, few innovations have been able to deliver as much energy gain as bifacial solar. But the industry must identify and quantify the tradeoffs associated with project site selection and tracker configuration.

Download the Sunfolding report, " Knowledge Is Power," for details about the key factors that affect project performance. 

The report includes simulations of annual energy output based on changes in mounting height, project location, albedo, ground coverage ratio, and rear-side shading.


In "Knowledge is Power" you'll learn:

  • Why the highest bifacial gain does not always lead to the best financial performance
  • Why bifacial solar with 1P trackers outperform 2P trackers at any mounting height below 3 meters
  • How mismatch losses on the backside of a bifacial module have a far smaller impact on energy performance than shading on the front of the module

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